Top cool trending fashion ideas

Top 10 Trending Fashion Ideas

No matter how array people’s opinions are in this diverse country of India, one thing that everyone at some point in time syncs is the fashion trends. Social media connects all parts of the world when it comes to fashion. So here we are with the top 10 trending fashion ideas to make your life more colorful with the multitude hue of colors!

10 Best Trending Fashion to Take You by Storm!

  1. Custom Printed T-Shirt (With Your Own Slogan)

The boring t-shirt days are gone when it was either a solid color or a strip line or a random abstract made on it. Today, all that trend is custom printed t-shirts, mainly with the favorite slogan of the person buying them. What is better than gifting a custom printed t-shirt to your buddy with a line that he or she often says? For instance, “Just Because” by the sister trending in the social media reels.

Well, it gives a different kind of happiness and joy of laughter upon seeing a dialogue that we often say, gets branded on a t-shirt. People also opt for slogans like handcrafted typography or minimalist mantras to inspire themselves and everybody around them. Some other custom-printed t-shirts include cryptic crypto art and punchy anime art.

  1. Caps

Did caps ever leave the fashion world? Whether that be a casual outfit or a fashionable one, there is each cap out there to complement every outfit. Caps are so multipurpose, shading eyes from the screeching sunlights to making a fashion statement, they are irreplaceable. They have served the people from ages back and today it serves them as a memorable fashion piece. Caps have come in various styles, from bennies to sherlock caps, from slogans on the cap to beautiful Indian designs and even baseball caps for rare special occasions.

  1. Jute Bags

With the rise of eco-friendly alternatives in the market, it has covered the fashion world as well. What is better than having jute bags that serve the consumer’s sustainable practices and contribute to the market’s versatility? It is not just meant for painting sustainability but also marks them in fashion trends as they come in various sizes and designs but with comfortability. By doing so, they are also educating other parts of the world about the importance of environmental efficiency by using natural alternatives in the fashion world that have been made very accessible to all people.

  1. Own Cool Wallet

A wallet can be owned by anybody of any gender and due to its multi-availability, markets have made even a simple leather wallet to be fashionable. From intricate fabric designs to a minimal leather waller with engraved names, wallets have been made a very cool fashion accessory to own. Today, it is not just a mere supporting accessory for your money, atm cards and coins but also a part of fashion accessories.

  1. Gym Bags

Working out in a gym means even getting stylish enough in the morning to get a mirror selfie for the social media family. But you won’t like it if everything is A-plus from head to toe but there’s a rusty bag on your shoulder, will you?  It has become a fashion trend as they are also multipurpose. They can be used for many activities that include sports, outdoor adventures and also short trips.

People are searching for gym bags that not only serve the purpose but also align with their personal style and fashion preferences. Therefore, there are various options today when buying gym bags, they come in different colors, designs and multipurpose chains.

  1. Upcycled Denim Jackets

Yet another favorite of environmental advocates & crafters is the upcycled denim jackets. To break it for you all, upcycling means the process of turning old but still functional clothes into new stylish pieces. They can be done by altering them or using the part of the garments to create unique designs on other clothes. Here, upcycling denim jackets has become a stagnant expression of personal style and a role in making the world conserve its natural environment.

  1. Hand-Painted Dupatta

Another beautiful addition to the fashion era is the hand-painted dupatta that is famous for its unique approach, affordability and the number of ways in which the fabric can be customized. One of the examples is the Kalamkari dupatta originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India. In this, the craftsmen used vegetable pigments– an incredible natural source of color to curate an organic & eco-friendly design for all the consumers. Some of the other designs that can be intricated in the dupattas of your own choice to make them more fashionable are of flora, fauna, goddesses, gardens and even a specific, mix of languages.

  1. Hand Painted Ceramic Jewelry

A bit of touch of Jewelry makes the regular fashion even more beautiful. Here, we are talking about hand-painted ceramic designs which are not just any jewelry. They are trending as they represent the dedication to craftsmanship in their passion for making beautiful jewelry pieces for their audiences. These ceramic pieces of jewelry are unique, and stylish along with take care of the environment they live in by making them more sustainable and affordable.

  1. Hand Painted Sneakers

Today, fashion is represented more as an outfit in which people feel comfortable and not only some sparkly outfits for the party. That applies to the footwear as well. It is great for people who are comfortable wearing stylish high heels but everyone has a soft corner for the sneakers. If you remember, fashionable heels are now being replaced with comfortable yet stylish sneakers at weddings. Hand-painted sneakers add a touch of personalization and make a fashion statement. This makes a bold confident image of the person who doesn’t fear to stay true to their fashion.

  1. Bold Colors & Prints

When you look at a set of colors, there is always one or two that stand out the most and you get the urge to use them in your art. It’s similar in the case of fashion too, bold colors and prints in the clothes you wear are a bold statement and symbol of confidence to stand out among the millions and billions of others. This fashion owes to embracing individuality in a world where fashion sometimes becomes restrictive. A tweak of fun in our fashion is always permissible which allows you to take risks and mark them as a fashion statement.


Fashion is not for others to see or a rule to adhere to, anything that you feel comfortable in and is of course presentable enough is called fashion. The right combination of these trending fashions makes a remarkable addition to your wardrobe. Welcome a range of fashion ideas that you can tweak and turn to make it yours.