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Carrying your cards and currency, especially coins in your pockets is very inconvenient. To make things easy, you buy yourself a wallet. Choosing the right wallet is often a challenge. There are so many available, right from those sold on the pavements to those sold at exclusive outlets. However, it’s difficult finding one of truly good quality. We at Geetanjali Exports are a leading manufacturer-cum-supplier of quality leather wallets in Mumbai, India.

You’ll come across many wallets made of a material called rexin. Yes, they are an inexpensive option, but they aren’t durable and they look cheap. That’s why, we suggest that when you buy a wallet, go for leather wallets. They look classy and they are long-lasting as well. You’ll see wallets made of rexin often tear or crack only a few months after buying one while the quality leather wallets we manufacture last for years. They come in black or brown or a combination of the two colors for an even more chic look. They make for excellent gifts that are very useful.

Apart from being leading manufacturers of quality leather wallets, we are also a trusted supplier of them. The wallets we supply and manufacture are made of the best quality leather. As suppliers, we are trusted for our timely deliveries. Customer satisfaction is our motto and you’ll never be disappointed with us.